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Restaurant Vocabulary

Our next video is out, and you don’t want to miss it. This episode we’ll be talking about common phrases that you can use when you’re out at a restaurant. We aren’t going to bore you with regular phrases for ordering and reading menus, you already know that stuff. We’re going to give you the…
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It’s Finally Here!

The first video has been uploaded and we are ready to start building our community with your help. There is so much we want to help you with in your journey to improve your English. Here on the site we have links to our forum community, The English Room, where you can meet and chat…
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Exciting News

We’ve been working hard, and trying to put together something that everyone can get excited about, and we’re almost finished. Coming this October 1st, we’ll be launching our YouTube channel where we will be posting daily videos to help you learn new vocabulary, improve your fluency and learn about different ways you can use English…
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