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Free Ebook resources

A free Ebook is a great resource for teachers and students. We have a ton of information to share and we hope that these free ebooks will help you reach your goals. We’ll upload a new resource regularly so make sure to check back often.

We have a lot of topics to cover, and we’re working hard to bring you all the information you need as quickly as possible.

We’ll be offering tips for new teachers to manage their classrooms, ideas for activities, crafting books and more.

We’ll also be offering more in-depth versions of our free ebooks in the ebook shop. If you like what you read you can always head over there and support us by making a purchase.

We want to make sure we’re providing the materials that you need to most. If there’s something that’s missing, make sure to leave us a comment or contact us and we’ll do our best to get it for you.


5 ways to build fluency

better fluency


Improve your fluency with these tips

Build your confidence and speak fluently in no time.





5 tips for new teachers

tips for new teachers Be ready for your first class with these 5 tips

This free ebook offers tips and tricks for new teachers to help them prepare for their first teaching experience.

Teachers with some experience may benefit from some of these tricks as well, especially when starting in a new school.

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