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Online learning is one of the best ways to practice and improve your English skills. The convenience of learning a language at home opens so many doors. Our teachers can help.

If you’re ready to take the leap to online learning, we’re ready to help you. Our experienced teachers are eager to assist you in achieving your goals. 

From beginner English to business or academic, We have a teacher that suits your needs.

We will even provide you with a free assessment in order to match you with an instructor and course plan.

If you’re ready to start improving your English head over to the shop and choose your course package. A teacher will be in contact with you through e-mail to schedule your lessons. It’s that easy!


Our teachers

We have a great team at Kings English. Our teachers are experienced and friendly and are ready to help you meet your goals whatever they are. First, have a look at our profiles and then use the submission form below to schedule a free consultation.



Shannon earned her degree in criminology from the University of Western Ontario Canada. Her studies include a minor degree in behavioral psychology which has helped immensely as a teacher. her studies and experience have given her significant insight into alternative ways to approach learning. She’s lived in Canada most of her life however, she now lives and teaches students abroad as well as online.

  • TESOL certification with a business designation
  • 2 years of experience teaching university-level international students in Canada and 5 years teaching abroad
  • Author of The IELTS preparation guide for teachers and The TOEFL preparation guide
  • A great choice for anyone interested in advancing their academic and business English skills.



MeryemMeryam earned her degree in English studies at the Universite Ibn Zohr in Agadir Morocco. She’s a gentle and kind teacher who’s specialty is in working with young learners. Hence she would be a great choice to help your child improve their skills.

  • Speaks Arabic, French, and English, which makes her a good option for young beginners
  • Her teaching focuses on learning through fun and games
  • Works with young learner between the ages of 5 to 12 years,
  • Meryam can really get children excited about English and launch them ahead of their peers.


Ebaadah Ebaadah

Ebaadah grew up in America and has lived in Pennsylvania, Indiana and New Jersey. Therefore she is great for anyone hoping to develop their English with an American accent. Her experience as an online advertiser has helped develop her knowledge of social platforms. Consequently, the use of social media in her lessons appeals to teenage and young adult learners.

  • TEFL certified
  • prior experience working with youth makes her a great choice for teenagers and young adults
  • intermediate to advanced level skilled students
  • Knowledge of social platforms


NourddineNourddine received his master’s degree in linguistics from the University Ibn Zohr in Agadir Morocco. He is currently working at his alma mater as a teaching assistant. He’s also won extensive international awards related to his English studies. Most notably he has experience teaching English in France which helps when working with international students.

  • IELTS/TOEFL preparation
  • Business English
  • A good choice for students who are interested in University preparation for: Phonetics and phonology, morphology and syntax, sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics
  • Experience instructing teaching-related courses such as pedagogy, classroom management, and, lesson planning, as such, he is a great choice for students studying to be teachers themselves.


Aisha received her diploma in communication studies from the University of Edinburgh. She is a wonderful teacher for young learners. She uses games and songs to strengthen vocabulary and build confidence. Children love working with Aisha and look forward to each of their lessons with her as a result.

  • TESL certification
  • accreditation in the Montessori Method
  • children between the ages of 7 to 12 years



AssadAsaad is studying English literature at the University Abdelmalk Essaidi in Tetouan, Morocco. He likewise has 2 years of experience working with beginner level adults as well as children. This makes him a great choice for anyone interested in improving their grammar skills or prepare for exams. Above all, Asaad is a kind and patient teacher and his students always look forward to their lesson.

  • speaks multiple languages including Arabic, French, and Spanish
  • Beginner level students
  • teen to adult




AmyAmy is an English Language Specialist from Berkeley, California. She has years of experience in ESL teaching, writing coaching, editing, and proofreading. She’s taught all ages and levels of students. Additionally, her love of travel and experience living and working in countries like France, India, Tunisia, China, and Morocco make for interesting conversation skills practice.

  • English literature degree from the University of California at Los Angeles
  • TESOL certification through UC Berkeley
  • Business English
  • experience working in the legal, academic, and corporate sectors.


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