Sounding Fluent While Traveling

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In this video you’ll learn some phrases that will help you out in sticky situtations when on a trip. Things can’t always go well, and it can help to know what to say in these cases so we can make the best of the situation. Hope you enjoy it!

Have a look below the video for a full transcript so you can follow along with the dialogue and learn some new vocabulary.

Video transcript

I missed my flight! – And other important travel phrases

Travel is exciting and fun, but it can also be unpredictable. Having the right phrases to help you out of sticky situations can relieve a lot of the stress that often goes with traveling. Let’s have a look at a few situations.

  1. If your flight has been cancelled or delayed, you’ll want to find out what you can do. If it’s a short delay, you can ask: “When do you expect boarding to begin?”, but if it’s an extended delay or cancellation you can ask: “Is there another flight you can book me on?” and if that flight is a long wait or even the next day you may want to ask: “Can you offer accommodation and a meal voucher?” You may be able to wait for your next flight in the comfort of a hotel.
  2. Trains are known for running on time…. usually. So if you’re late to the platform what can we do? Once we’ve finished being angry with yourself for arriving late, (or the taxi driver, or travel buddy…) you might want to try going to the wicket (where you purchase the ticket) and say: “it looks like I missed my train, could I exchange my ticket for the next one?” You may also want to ask: “What time does the next train leave?”
  3. Often you’ll find that you have to take public transit and sometimes that can be a little confusing. You may want to ask the city bus driver something like: “does this bus go downtown?” Or “what stop do I need to get off to get to the museum?” Bus drivers are usually friendly and helpful no matter where you are.
  4. But maybe you’ve left a bag or another valuable item on the bus (or taxi). What do you do then? You could call the bus (or taxi) company and say: “I was riding on bus number ten at 1:00pm and left my bag on my seat, has the bus driver reported finding it?” It’s frustrating to lose things but often drivers take found items back to the station where you can collect them.
  5. It’s very frustrating but sometimes airlines lose luggage. What now?! Well, you should calmly alert the airline by saying: “I didn’t find my luggage in the baggage claim, can you help me locate it?” this is a frustrating situation and can drag out for a while, so keep your cool and hope for the best.

Practicing these phrases will help you out if you ever encounter any of these common traveling situations. Be prepared with the right vocabulary and your trip will go a lot smoother.

Next time we’ll learn what to say when we need to return an item we bought from a store. Make sure you’re subscribed and click the bell to be notified as soon as we upload the next video. See you tomorrow!

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